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Regular Backups

An important security measure is to do regular backups: backup data files and databases. Typically this is done automatically by many web hosts. Check with your web host. If not, then request scheduled backups. Backups are important. Why? Backups are important if your web server is ever compromised by hackers. Hackers could modify or delete files. They could also alter or damage your database. Having backups, allows you restore files and databases to what they were prior to the attack. Yes, some data will be lost which was collected during the attack, but it's better than losing it all. Backups also come in handy when files and databases are damaged or corrupted. For example, if and when server hard drive fails. It happens. To that end, we recommend redundancies. We have automatic backups in place: all server files are backed up on a regular basis, and mySQL databases similarily. However, we take it further. We also backup data files and databases daily: backed up on the web server, and uploaded locally to our office network.

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