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Title: PayDiverse
Category: Payment Processors
Description: PayDiverse offers affordable merchant services like payment gateways, credit card processing, chargeback alerts, and multi-bank payment solutions. Get a fast and; instant approval merchant account in any high-risk industry.
Submitted: 2019-02-27 05:29:27
Updated: 2019-03-10 00:57:02
Title: 2CheckOut
Category: Payment Processors
Description: Accept payments online. is an online payment processing service that helps you accept credit cards, PayPal and debit cards.
Submitted: 2015-10-20 20:06:56
Updated: 2015-10-20 20:07:30
Title: Instabill
Category: Payment Processors
Description: Apply for domestic merchant services or offshore merchant accounts with Instabill now. Rates starting as low as 2.2% with payouts daily or weekly. With many domestic banking solutions, Instabill merchant account managers can have your business up and running in no time. Finding reliable payment processing for high risk is not easy. Instabill provides high risk merchant accounts to e-commerce and MOTO merchants worldwide.
Submitted: 2015-10-02 12:41:51
Title: Verotel
Category: Payment Processors
Description: Trust in global payments since 1998. Verotel is a leading Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP) since 1998 and is specialized in online credit card payment processing. Servicing over 50.000 online businesses with online payment solutions, Verotel understands the risks of online billing. Verotel is the first high risk payment processor awarded with the official Payment Institute status. Processing all major credit cards and offering a fully PCI compliant solution, Verotel is the most trusted online payment processor in the business. High Risk or Online Services? Apply for a Verotel account and get started today.
Submitted: 2015-10-02 12:37:23
Updated: 2015-11-13 13:24:45
Title: CCBill
Category: Payment Processors
Description: Buying securely and conveniently. Managing subscriptions and purchases online. Receiving live support 24/7/365. When transactions are processed through CCBill, it's all part of the experience. Accepting all major payment methods, employing robust security measures and backing everything with accessible consumer support are just some of the ways CCBill has developed a brand consumers trust while processing millions of transactions each year.
Submitted: 2015-10-02 12:36:24
Title: PayPal
Category: Payment Processors
Description: From accepting credit cards on a website to online invoicing, you can easily manage all your business payment needs with PayPal Canada merchant services. With one simple PayPal account, you can now accept all major forms of payment. Whether you’re online or on the road, PayPal makes it simple.
Submitted: 2015-10-02 12:34:42



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