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PasswordSentry is a better website password protection system.

Improvement! PasswordSentry is a Better Idea!
Protecting 1000's of websites since 1999!

PasswordSentry (PS) is a website password protection enterprise software application that monitors logins to detect and block password sharing. PS employs cutting edge technology to block dictionary and brute force attacks: stop hackers from guessing passwords. Secure your website password protection with PasswordSentry!

Free Open Source Website Security App

Our mission is to provide an open source website security app that is secure, private and free for users around the world. PasswordSentry is FREE. Free to download, install, and use. No restrictions or limitations.

PasswordSentrywebsite password protection feature Rated 9.22 out of 10 by our Clients!

PasswordSentrywebsite password protection feature Average Client uses PS on 2.2 Sites!

PasswordSentrywebsite password protection feature Average Client has been using PS for 7.6 years!

PasswordSentrywebsite password protection feature 84.12% of our Clients will use PS on more sites!

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PasswordSentry packed with advanced features and functionality.

Easy to integrate in other apps to track logins using PS API.

Uses proprietary high precision GeoTrackingTM technology to detect and block password sharing.

Form-Based Authentication to block dictionary / brute force attacks via AuthForm (AF) Plugin.

Detect and block Proxy / VPN accesses via ProxyVPN (PVPN) Plugin.

Allow Single Sign-On (SSO) links between websites via InterLinking (IL) Plugin.

Monitor and throttle per-user bandwidth usage via BandwidthMonitor (BM) Plugin.

Block user access by IP and/or Country.

Growing list of Integration Plugins.

Easy to install via the web-based installer app, or request installation by our professionals via Jobber app in the PS Client Area.

Web-based admin control panel (PS AdminCP) to administer PS, and manage users.

Lifetime downloads on unlimited domains. PasswordSentry is NOT an IP counter application. PasswordSentry counts unique logins using geographical metrics. PS analyzes logins using PS::GeoTracking technology. Each user is geographically profiled. Their exact location is derived from their IP address: City, Region, Country, and Coordinates (Latitude and Longitude). User logins are then mapped, and the distance between logins analyzed for any given user. If a login is mapped outside the acceptable radius threshold (measured in miles, and defined via Control Panel Preferences), the user is suspended. This algorithm ensures that false positives (false suspensions) and false negatives (failing to identify password sharing) are negligible.


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