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Password Sentry (PS) is a web application that monitors logins to prevent authorized users from sharing their password with unauthorized users. In other words, to detect and block password sharing - thereby only allowing paying members to have legitimate access. When the number of unique logins for a given user exceeds [Threshold] (as defined via Admin Control Panel), that user's access is suspended (and remains suspended until manually restored via the Admin Control Panel, (or automatically via cron process), and you are emailed. PS also employs cutting edge technology to block dictionary and brute force attacks.
Password Sentry is a Better Idea!

Packed with more features and advanced functionality than our competitor applications.
Password Sentry uses proprietary UserTrackingTM and GeoTrackingTM technology to detect and block password sharing.
Password Sentry can detect and block brute force and dictionary attacks via PHP Authentication Plugin.
Password Sentry can monitor and throttle downloading / bandwidth usage (including statistics and graphs) via Bandwidth Monitor (BM) Plugin
Block user access by IP, Country, and ISP
Web-based installer app or FREE installation by our professionals
Web-based admin control panel to administer PS and monitor users - including statistics and graphs
FREE lifetime technical support and updates
Password Sentry Comes With a Lowest Price Guarantee!

We guarantee that we will beat any competitor price! More featured and less expensive than ALL our competitors! Password Sentry costs a FRACTION (as little as 1/100th) of what our competitors charge! We stand by our product, and we will NEVER "nickel and dime" you like our competitors do. Your purchase is a one-time charge. No monthly fees. No charge to install since we provide FREE installation. Free lifetime technical support and free upgrades for life. Additional licenses are discounted at reduced price points, based on a Sliding Scale.

Unlike many of our competitors, Password Sentry is NOT an IP counter application. Password Sentry counts unique logins using a number of metrics. PS analyzes users / logins using PS::GeoTracking and PS::UserTracking technology. In the case of GeoTracking, the user is geographically profiled where their exact location is determined: City, Country, and Coordinates (Latitude and Longitude). In the case of UserTracking, the user is profiled: IP Address, ISP, and Browser Parameters. These two metrics are combined in an proprietary method to develop a user/login-specific unique IDENT value. User uniqueness is based on the IDENT value compared to IDENT values of other logins for the same login username. This algorithm ensures that false positives (false suspensions) and false negatives (failing to identify password sharing) are negligible.

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Fully Featured Web-Based Admin Control Panel

/ Manage App Settings / Historical Stats (Textual and Graphical)
/ Real-Time Stats (Textual and Graphical)
/ Manage Users
/ Manage Suspended Users
/ Manage Exempt Users
/ Limit Unique Logins Per Unit Time
/ Ban Access from Certain Countries
/ Ban Access from Certain ISPs
/ Ban Access from Certain IPs

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Easy Installation / Upgrading

It is very QUICK AND EASY to install the app using the web-based Installer App. However, our professional technical support installers can install Password Sentry for FREE. Upgrading Password Sentry is even easier. You can upgrade via the web-based Admin Control Panel. No FTPing required. No SSH access required. No access to server log files required. No server cron jobs required.

Technical Support

We provide the BEST technical support on the web! Whether via Regular Support Forum or Priority Support Ticket System, you can expect a support response within 24 hours by one of our professional technical support agents. Technical support is available 7 days a week, 364 days a year - including all holidays. Support is lifetime!



Password Sentry is the only application that will integrate into any third party application? It's true. None of our competition possesses this versatility in functionality. All Integration Plugins are provided FREE. Password Sentry very quickly, seamlessly, and easily integrates into third party applications: including but not limited to forums, blogs, content management systems (CMS), and user management systems like Sitelok. How does it work? Quickly and easily. A number of Integration Plugins are currently available:

Joomla Integration Plugin
This plugin integrates PS and Joomla to track user logins.

phpBB Integration Plugin
This plugin integrates PS and phpBB to track user logins.

phpFox Integration Plugin
This plugin integrates PS and phpFox to track user logins.

Sitelok Integration Plugin
This plugin integrates PS and Sitelok to track user logins.

Wordpress Integration Plugin
This plugin integrates PS and Wordpress to track user logins.

Need an Integration Plugin? We will write one for you, or source it out to a third party. No charge to you.

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Bandwidth Monitor Plugin

Bandwidth Monitor (BM) is built-in to Password Sentry (PS), and adds functionality to PS to log per-user bandwidth usage. BM is provided at no additional charge. You can see what users are downloading what, and what bandwidth rates they are downloading at. BM reporting is fully integrated into the web-based PS Admin control panel. Via PS Admin Control Panel, you can define bandwidth rate limit: maximum rate at which your users can download content. For example, if you limit to 1000 Kbps (Kilobits per second), any user that is detected to be exceeding this limit is throttled down to the defined limit of 1000 Kbps. Rate is monitored and throttled in real time as files are downloaded (per packet). Our bench tests and live tests indicate that BM throttles within 0.5% of limit. BM saves webmasters a fortune in bandwidth costs, and greatly reduces server load. Reducing server load can greatly reduce revenue losses as slow servers aggravate members, resulting in poorer member retention and greater charge backs.

PHP Authentication Plugin

PHP Authentication Plugin is an optional plugin for Password Sentry. Password Sentry per se does not protect against dictionary / brute force attacks, where hackers try to guess or crack passwords. However, we have created a plugin for Password Sentry that does provide such protection: [PHP Authentication Plugin]. The plugin is fully CONFIGURABLE and CUSTOMIZABLE - via web-based Password Sentry Admin Control Panel!

/ Complete control of how login page looks - plugin uses Templates and Language Database
/ Define delay after authentication to deter hackers [OPTIONAL]
/ Define how long sessions last (sessions automatically terminate when surfer closes browser)
/ Define after how many failed authentications in XX minutes that an IP is suspended (you define XX minutes)
/ Define after how many successful authentications in XX minutes that an IP is suspended (you define XX minutes)
/ Define when suspended IPs are restored
/ ALL other tracking features (e.g., suspension of abused passwords) are handled by Password Sentry backend!
/ Plugin is installed and upgraded via web-based Password Sentry Admin Control Panel - no FTPing involved!
/ Interlinking Plugin allows you to grant access from another secure area on one domain using the plugin to the secure area on another domain also using the plugin. Interlinking sites can be on the same server or different servers. This enhanced function allows for cross-domain secure areas sharing. Members of one site can access the members area of another site, and vice versa. The interlinking can be one-way or two-way. GREAT cross-promotional tool. This function has become VERY popular with many of our adult paysite clients who apply it in partnership with other sites to give themselves a competitive edge in these difficult times. ONLY WORKS IF ALL SITES ARE USING Password Sentry AND THIS PLUGIN!
/ Proxy Checker Plugin checks login IPs for open and anonymous proxies. Such proxies are often exploited by password sharers as a means to avoid detection. By blocking access by open and anonymous proxy IPs, you have closed the door to surfers using the same IP address to gain entry. But at the same time, not deny access to those (like AOL users) using legitimate proxies! Proxy Checker can be configured, and disabled/enabled.


Did You Know? Did you know that Password Sentry is the only application that works in both Basic Authentication and Form-Based Authentication? It's true. None of our competition offers this versatility in functionality.

PS Admin Control Panel Demo
Click Here for PS SETUP 1 :: Admin Demo
Click Here for PS SETUP 2 :: Admin Demo
Username=demo and Password=demo
[Limited Admin Privileges in Demo]

SETUP 1 :: Members Demo Using Standard Basic Authentication
Click Here for Members Login Demo
Username=demo1 and Password=demo1 (suspended user)
Username=demo2 and Password=demo2 (exempt user)

SETUP 2 :: Members Demo Using Form-Based Authentication (PHP Authentication Plugin)
Click Here for Members Login Demo
Username=demo1 and Password=demo1 (suspended user)
Username=demo2 and Password=demo2 (exempt user)

* This optional PS setup offers all the same features as the first one including user tracking and blocking password sharing. However, this setup also blocks dictionary attacks and brute-force attacks.

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01 PS License $99.95 (US) per PS license
02 - 05 PS Licenses $74.95 (US) per PS license
06 - 10 PS Licenses $69.95 (US) per PS license
11+ PS Licenses $59.95 (US) per PS license

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