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Minimum Requirements

PHP 5.x or Higher (PHP 7.x Recommended)
MySQL 5.5 or Higher
Apache 2.2 or Higher
PHP MySQLi Extension
PHP cURL Library
PHP FTP Extension
PHP ZipArchive Class
Apache mod_rewrite Module
Unix or *nix Operating Systems (including but not limited to Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, CentOS, Red Hat Linux, Fedora, Mandrake Linux)

Checking Server Requirements (PHP and MySQL)

1. Download our check script.

2. Unzip the file ( on your computer locally to extract the check.php file. If you want to check MySQLi requirements, edit the database parameters at the top of the file: enter values for a database (existing one or one created for this check). Then upload (e.g., via FTP) check.php to your web server.

3. Visit the script via your web browser:

4. Afterwards, delete file (e.g., via FTP) from your server.

Note that to check Apache modules and type web server operating system (OS), you will need to ask your web host since these cannot be checked in the PHP enviroment via check.php.

Optional Requirements

Additional requirements if you use the optional AuthForm (AF) Plugin:

Apache mod_auth_form Module
Apache mod_session Module
Apache mod_session_cookie Module
Apache mod_session_crypto Module