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Latest Version [8.00202205221] Last Updated [May-22-2022]



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Is this a hosted service?

No. PasswordSentry is a self hosted application that runs on your web server.

What are the requirements?

Please see the Requirements section.

Is PasswordSentry (PS) easy to install and setup?

Yes. The app includes a web-based Installer which will guide through the installation process: Click Here for Installer Demo. Then you will have access to the PS AdminCP which is as easy to setup: self-guided.

Do you have a free or trial version?

Essential Plan

Yes. We have released the Essential Plan version of PasswordSentry:

The FREE version (Essential Plan) has most of the features and functionality of the PAID version (Premium Plan) with the following exceptions:

PasswordSentryFeatures Cannot exempt users from being suspended.
PasswordSentryFeatures Cannot limit Unique Logins Per Unit Time.
PasswordSentryFeatures No ProxyVPN (PVPN) plugin.
PasswordSentryFeatures No AuthForm (AF) plugin.
PasswordSentryFeatures No InterLinking (IL) plugin.
PasswordSentryFeatures No BandwidthMonitor (BM) plugin.

The FREE version allows people to try out our app on their server to get a feel of how PasswordSentry works. If and when you wish to upgrade to the PAID version, it's just a matter of purchasing a PS Premium Plan license, and then upgrading via the web-based PS AdminCP to convert from the FREE version to the PAID version.

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Can I install PasswordSentry on multiple domains?

Yes! You can install PasswordSentry on an unlimited number of domains on the same server or multiple servers as long as the domains are under your ownership and control.

Are PasswordSentry files obfuscated?

No. PasswordSentry files are not obfuscated. The source code is 100% non-encrypted. You can edit the source code for your own personal use. However, NOT recommended since any changes will be lost when you update, and you may corrupt files which could cause the app to fail. It is best you approach us with suggestions to improve the app, and we may introduce them in a subsequent update. We update the app on a regular basis.

Is PasswordSentry (PS) easy to update?

Yes. The app can be updated via the web-based PS AdminCP.

How quickly are orders processed?

Immediately 24/7. All day everyday, including holidays.

Can you install PasswordSentry for me?

Premium Plan

Yes. We provide FREE installation. Usually same day if request received (via Jobber in the Client Area) during regular office hours (9am - 5pm Pacific Time). Otherwise, next day. Note that an installation is a one time service: To have us perform updates requires a small fee of $24.95 payable in advance. However, NOT usually necessary since the app is quickly and easily updated via web-based PS AdminCP.

Essential Plan
In the case of the Essential Plan, yes but we charge a small fee of $24.95 to install.

Can I get a refund for my purchase?

Premium Plan

We do not provide refunds unless the app cannot be installed on the client server. We reserve the right to request server access to try to install the app before we grant a refund. Refunds return 100% of your purchase cost. You have 30 days from purchase date to request a refund.

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