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Latest Version [8.00202403031] Last Updated [Mar-03-2024]

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Integration Plugins

PasswordSentry is the only application that will integrate into any third party application? It's true. All Integration Plugins are provided FREE. PasswordSentry very quickly, seamlessly, and easily integrates into third party applications: including but not limited to forums, blogs, content management systems (CMS), and user management systems like Sitelok. How does it work? Quickly and easily. A number of Integration Plugins are currently available:

PasswordSentry Plugin feature MechBunny Tube Script Plugin
This plugin integrates PS and MechBunny Tube Script to track user logins. Not a plugin per se, just a quick and easy edit to the MechBunny login script.
PasswordSentry Plugin feature Sitelok Integration Plugin
This plugin integrates PS and Sitelok to track user logins.
PasswordSentry Plugin feature WordPress Integration Plugin
This plugin integrates PS and WordPress to track user logins.

Need an Integration Plugin? We will write one for you, or source it out to a third party. No charge to you. FREE

Interlinking (IL) Plugin

This plugin provides secure Single Sign-On (SSO) links between PasswordSentry protected websites. Interlinking Plugin allows you to grant access from another secure area on one domain to the secure area on another domain. Interlinking sites can be on the same server or different servers. This enhanced function allows for cross-domain secure areas sharing. Members of one site can access the members area of another site, and vice versa. The interlinking can be one-way or two-way. GREAT cross-promotional tool. This function has become VERY popular with many of our adult paysite clients who apply it to other sites to give themselves a competitive edge in these difficult times. The handshaking protocol between multiple domains and servers is VERY SECURE. The plugin is NOT referrer-based, and as such, is NOT vulnerable to referrer spoofing! Very EASY to setup. Just another way PasswordSentry stays ahead of the competition! FREE

BandwidthMonitor (BM) Plugin

BandwidthMonitor (BM) Plugin allows you log per-user bandwidth usage. The plugin also allows you throttle (limit) downloading: for example limit downloading to XX GB per Hour / Day / Week / Month. FREE

ProxyVPN (PVPN) Plugin

ProxyVPN (PVPN) Plugin allows you to deny access to users originating from Proxy and VPN (Virtual Private Network) IPs: hiding their real IP address using anonymous public internet connections. You can also define where Proxy / VPN users are redirected: for example, to a page letting them know that Proxy and VPN access is disallowed. FREE

AuthForm (AF) Plugin

AuthForm Plugin is an optional plugin for PasswordSentry. PasswordSentry per se does not protect against dictionary / brute force attacks, where hackers try to guess or crack passwords. However, we have created a plugin for PasswordSentry that does provide such protection: AuthForm Plugin. The plugin is fully CONFIGURABLE and CUSTOMIZABLE! FREE

Username: demo and Password: demo

PasswordSentry Plugin feature Complete control of how login page looks
PasswordSentry Plugin feature Enable / Disable Google reCaptcha usage
PasswordSentry Plugin feature Enable / Disable Google Website Translator usage
PasswordSentry Plugin feature Define maximum attempts to authenticate [OPTIONAL]
PasswordSentry Plugin feature Define delay before and/or after authentication to deter hackers [OPTIONAL]
PasswordSentry Plugin feature ALL other tracking features (e.g., suspension of abused passwords) are handled by PasswordSentry backend!

An added feature of the Plugin is it, by design, effectively blocks bulk downloading. One of our competitors refers to this as "Anti-Slurping". Bulk downloading drives up your bandwidth, which can be very expensive! Bulk downloaders automatically download everything, regardless if the content will be viewed later. Very indiscriminate, and it places a lot of load on the server. It could crash your web server. Further, the person could then copy your site on another domain, and steal your traffic and sales. The AuthForm Plugin prevents this.