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Aug 14, 2017
PS8 Beta Update

1. PS PHP 7 compatible: uses MySQL Improved Extension (mysqli). Still compliant with PHP 4.1+ since mysqli functionality was introduced in PHP 4.1. Few, if any any, our competitors are mysqli / PHP 7 compliant.

2. PS IPv6 compliant. Most, if not all, our competitors are only IPv4 compliant, causing issues with users trying to access via IPv6 IP addresses which is becoming more prevalent and common.

3. PS assess uniqueness based on IP-derived coordinates (latitude and longitude). Each login will be mapped in terms of distance from initial login, where you define Distance Threshold. So, for example, if the second logged login is calculated as 250 miles outside the initial login, and you set threshold for 200 miles, the login would be defined as unique. If a third login is calculated as 150 miles, then that login would not be defined as unique. Less dependence on IP addresses such that if the same person uses the same device but on different IP (e.g., WiFi zone in same area), they are not incorrectly flagged as unique and potentially suspended.

4. Google Mapping functionality (which maps logins) updated to latest Google Maps API version. None of our competitors provide this functionality.
Updates section commenced Aug 28, 2017.
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