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Latest Version [8.00202205221] Last Updated [May-22-2022]


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Jan 04, 2020

We have created a demo of our Password Sentry Installer app (recently updated to factor in the up-and-coming FREE version of PS):

Password Sentry Installer App Demo
Dec 30, 2019

Password Sentry Updates

Happy New Year from us at Password Sentry! We wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2020!

Dec 27, 2019

We are working on a FREE version of Password Sentry. The app will have most of the features and functionality of PS with the following exceptions:

Password Sentry Updates No AuthForm (AF) plugin.
Password Sentry Updates No InterLinking (IL) plugin.
Password Sentry Updates No BandwidthMonitor (BM) plugin.
Password Sentry Updates No user suspensions, but you are alerted (email and/or text message) when password sharing is detected.

The FREE version allows people to try out our app on their server to get a feel of how Password Sentry works. If and when you wish to upgrade to the PAID version, it's just a matter of purchasing a PS license, and then upgrading via the web-based PS AdminCP to convert from the FREE version to the PAID version. We will be releasing the FREE version in January, 2020 (in less than a month).
Dec 16, 2019

Password Sentry Updates

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dec 16, 2019
PS8 Update as 8.00201912161

Non-critical update. Changes include the following:

Password Sentry Updates Fixed issues related to BandwidthMonitor (BM) plugin.
Dec 12, 2019
PS8 Update as 8.00201912121

Critical update. Changes include the following:

Password Sentry Updates Fixed tracking bug where distances were not properly logged.
Dec 01, 2019
PS8 Update

Password Sentry (PS) Version 8 (PS8) is scheduled to be released as stable in January 2020. PS8 will replace PS7 as the current stable version. At that time, PS7 will only be supported for critical security issues and bugs. June 01 2020, PS7 will no longer be supported: including no updates.
Nov 24, 2019
PS8 Update as 8.00201911241

Minor, non-critical update. Changes include the following:

Password Sentry Updates Enhancement and improvement of the PS AdminCP Notification System.
Nov 20, 2019
PS8 Update as 8.00201911201

Changes include the following:

Password Sentry Updates Fixes to Update app.
Password Sentry Updates Fixes and improvements to error handling and logging.
Password Sentry Updates Revision of database PS_BANDWIDTH_LOG table: RATE and FILESIZE columns changed to VARCHAR(25) type.
Password Sentry Updates As in the case when users suspended, email generated to webmaster when IP suspended (when using optional AuthForm (AF) plugin).
Password Sentry Updates Added functionality [AdminCP :: Users :: Login Log]: can now limit display to users whose Distance exceeds threshold.
Nov 04, 2019
PS8 Beta Released as 8.00201911041

Password Sentry (PS) Version 8 (PS8) officially released as Beta.