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Is Password Sentry an IP counter?

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Is Password Sentry an IP counter?
No. Conventional IP counting apps are worthless as you are flooded with false positives (innocent logins that trigger alerts / suspensions) and false negatives (password sharing goes undetected). The former can results in expensive charge backs which can result in your payment processor dropping you. The latter can result in lost sales and unnecessary bandwidth charges by your web host. Password Sentry does factor in IP address, but in terms of GeoTracking. Password Sentry counts unique logins using a geographical metrics. PS analyzes logins using PS::GeoTracking technology. Each user is geographically profiled where their exact location is derived from their IP address: City, Region, Country, and Coordinates (Latitude and Longitude). User logins are then mapped, and the distance between logins analyzed for any given user. If a login is mapped outside the acceptable radius threshold (measured in miles, and defined via Control Panel Preferences), the user is suspended. This algorithm ensures that false positives (false suspensions) and false negatives (failing to identify password sharing) are negligible. That way, Password Sentry accurately identifies unique logins and suspends password sharing accounts. And, because of the underlying GeoTracking technology, you can set thresholds low to ensure few password sharers evade detection to fly under the radar.

Last Revised: 2015-05-09 15:40:07

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