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How often is Password Sentry updated?

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How often is Password Sentry updated?
The website or the app? Doesn't matter. Both, unlike our competitors, are updated on a regular basis. Like our stellar support, it is something we are very proud of. In the case of website, we are always updating - on a daily basis to keep the site up-to-date and current in addition to adding new features etc. You can see this as timestamps at the bottom of every page, and in all articles (FAQ, HTACCESS Magic and Dictionary). 365 days a year, there are people in the background updating the site, handling sales inquiries, providing support, and updating the Password Sentry app. In the case of the latter, we are always updating the app. We routinely re-examine the app, and incorporate changes as suggested by our clients. We are always looking to make Password Sentry better, ensuring that our app is up-to-date with the new technology. We are never running on auto-pilot. We have been doing this for 16 years since 1999. And, we are growing stronger. We will be around for at least another 16 years, and probably much longer. Rest assured, we will never become stale or behind the times. We and our app will grow with your business and developing new technologies.

Last Revised: 2015-07-24 13:45:16

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