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What forms of authentication does Password Sentry work with?

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What forms of authentication does Password Sentry work with?
All! All of our competition only allow for form-based authentication. This form of authentication is best for defeating dictionary and brute force attacks. We, of course, understand that. That is why we offer the optional PHP Authentication Plugin which offers form-based authentication. The Plugin does an excellent job to detect and block such attacks. However, some webmasters prefer standard Basic Authentication. Password Sentry is the only app which can also be used in the Basic Authentication environment. Plus, Password Sentry can be easily integrated into an existing authentication scheme: for example, WordPress. None of our competitors can say the same. We provide free plugins to integrate Password Sentry into a number of existing third party apps. However, if we lack the plugin for the app you are using, we will integrate Password Sentry for NO additional charge. This includes custom apps. Free!

Last Revised: 2015-08-06 22:14:07

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