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Will Password Sentry work with my Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

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Will Password Sentry work with my Content Delivery Network (CDN)?
Yes! Password Sentry (PS) has been proven to work with many CDNs, including CloudFare. The only obstacle relates to the IP address of the user whom PS is tracking during the login process. Typically with CDNs, the IP is that of the CDN cache server delivering the content. Therefore, all users have the same IP address which corresponds to the CDN. This would, by definition, make it impossible to track and suspend bad users. At least for our competitors. PS does not have this issue. Via the web-based Admin Control Panel > Setup Management > Preferences > [Tracking], you can redefine {IP Environmental Variable}. By default it is set to "REMOTE_ADDR": server variable that holds user IP address. In the case of CDNs, REMOTE_ADDR would hold IP of CDN server. However, CDNs store user IP address in a special CDN variable. In the case of CloudFare, the variable is called "HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP". So, simply change REMOTE_ADDR to HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP to get PS track the actual IPs of the users.

Last Revised: 2015-10-05 10:31:49

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